We’ve All Been Exposed

sent by Kate G.

“We’ve all been exposed”  
> This beautiful message was written by a woman in NYC.

> We’ve all been exposed. 
> Not necessarily to the virus 
> (maybe…who even knows🤷🏼‍♀️).
> We’ve all been exposed BY the virus.

> Corona is exposing us.
> Exposing our weak sides.
> Exposing our dark sides.
> Exposing what normally lies far beneath the surface of our souls,
> hidden by the invisible masks we wear.
> Now exposed by the paper masks we can’t hide far enough behind.

> Corona is exposing our addiction to comfort.
> Our obsession with control.
> Our compulsion to hoard.
> Our protection of self.

> Corona is peeling back our layers.
> Tearing down our walls.
> Revealing our illusions.
> Leveling our best-laid plans.

> Corona is exposing the gods we worship:
> Our health
> Our hurry
> Our sense of security.
> Our favorite lies
> Our secret lusts
> Our misplaced trust.

> Corona is calling everything into question:
> What is the church without a building?
> What is my worth without an income?
> How do we plan without certainty?
> How do we love despite risk?

> Corona is exposing me.
> My mindless numbing
> My endless scrolling
> My careless words
> My fragile nerves.

> We’ve all been exposed.
> Our junk laid bare.
> Our fears made known.
> The band-aid torn.
> The masquerade done.

> So what now? What’s left?
> Clean hands
> Clear eyes
> Tender hearts.

> What Corona reveals, God can heal.

> Come Lord Jesus.
> Have mercy on us

One comment

  1. This is so powerful – we are shaken – we are sifted – and we are invited to reimagine our lives in this devastating invitation to new life. Thank you to those who have imagined this parish blog – St. John’s Together – during this time apart. Dying and reborn, Good Friday to Easter Sunday. We are in the Easter Season, still shedding our Lenten garments. Ellendale

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