STJs Gardening in the Rain

On Saturday, December 11, 2021, 19 St. John’s members helped to “put to bed for the winter” the Botanical Garden of Healing in Honor of the Victims of Gun Violence (105 Valley Street, New Haven, CT 06515). We proudly formed the bulk of the volunteer corps of about 25 out of the 39 signed up who showed up to garden, in spite of the rain. The photo above does not do justice to our group as several of us has already left when it was taken.
We started the day at 8:30 with Morning Prayer led by Rev. Andrew Osmun. We prayed for the city, the families of the 25 victims of gun violence so far this year, and for God to intervene in our community.

Then we got to work: raking, cutting the perennials and annuals down, spreading mulch, picking up sticks. It was good to work in the garden, in God’s good creation, and to remember that He is in control and cares for our city even more than we do. May He guide and bless these good efforts to bring peace and justice to our community. And may he show us how to partner in this work.

Racial Justice Fellowship Dinner that evening

The day was a bit of a double whammy with the first Racial Justice Fellowship dinner Saturday evening at 6 pm. We began with 30 minutes of Taize-style prayer for New Haven and the work of justice. Then eight of us shared Thai food and talked about ideas and ways to continue growing in this area. There are exciting possibilities for the new year–stay tuned! We also expressed gratitude at the many ways God is moving in our midst and stirring our hearts. It was a warm and friendly time. We hope to offer more such opportunities for STJs folks to be a part of the conversation about the work of love and justice.

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