Creation Care, Justice, and Poverty Alleviation

By Michele Sigg

Scholar and Catholic Priest Emmanuel Katongole (Professor of Theology and Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame), gave the Bainton Lecture at Yale in October. Information from that page:

Dr. Katongole is the author of numerous books on the Christian social imagination, the crisis of faith following the genocide in Rwanda, and Christian approaches to justice, peace, and reconciliation. His most recent works are Who Are My People? The Invention of Love in Sub-Saharan Africa (University of Notre Dame, release date May 2022); Born from Lament: On the Theology and Politics of Hope in Africa (Eerdmans, 2017) and The Journey of Reconciliation: Groaning for A New Creation in Africa (Orbis, 2017).
In his Bainton Lecture, Katongole [gave] an account of his journey to the founding of Bethany Land Institute in Uganda, highlighting, he says, “the lessons I am learning in the context of that work, especially lessons that relate to issues in world Christianity, mission, and the church’s witness to peace and justice in the world.”

Awet, Mike Glerup, and I attended the lecture. It was a powerful testimony to three callings of the Christian in the world: creation care, justice, and poverty alleviation. Bethany Land Institute in Uganda. Read about it and listen to the lecture if you want to have your spirits lifted by this wonderful initiative.

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