The Conversation

Themes for an ongoing conversation

“New Church?”

TELL YOUR STORY: Write about what you are learning during this challenging time. What new and different realities do you see emerging in your spiritual life? In the church? What new things do you see God doing? What do you hear him saying to you?

Possible topics: community, prayer, communicating, self-care, encouraging, healing, worship, teaching, children’s ed, serving (the church, our neighbors, the global church), responding to those in need, racial reconciliation and advocacy, issues of justice

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Sermon reflections

Each week, someone will share a brief post reflecting on that Sunday’s sermon and offering questions for further discussion. The posts might ponder something striking from the sermon, think more about the implications of a point from the sermon, or relate the sermon to personal experience or other thoughts. Please reply to the posts to reflect on the sermon together!

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