RJ-Books and Exhibits


***Rowe, S. W. (2020). Healing racial trauma: The road to resilience. IVP, an imprint of InterVarsity Press.
—-The author, a professional counselor, reveals the symptoms of racial trauma. She shares the stories of people of color in an exploration of how we experience and recover from racial trauma.

Stamper, N. (2016). To protect and serve: How to fix America’s police. Nation Books.
—-Former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper discusses the toxic culture of American police and shares his community policing model. This model radically restructures police operations, including policymaking, training, and oversight.

***Watson, B. (2016). Under our skin: Getting real about race– and getting free from the fears and frustrations that divide us.
—-In this book, former NFL player and social media commentator Benjamin Watson examines the race debate and looks to the power of faith to heal the racial divide.

Fanon, F. (2008). Black skin, white masks (C. L. Markmann, Trans.; Revised ed.). Pluto-Press. abahlali.org/files/__Black_Skin__White_Masks__Pluto_Classics_.pdf
—This is the author’s treatise on the effects of racism and colonialism on the Black psyche. Fanon’s views would now be considered extremely misogynist and homophobic. However, this work strongly influenced critical race theory and civil rights and anti-colonial movements throughout the world.


The Civil Rights Act of 1964: A Long Struggle for Freedom. (2014, October 10). The Library of Congress. https://www.loc.gov/exhibits/civil-rights-act/civil-rights-era.html
—-This exhibition commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It explores the events that influenced the civil rights movement and the impact of the legislation on the struggle for equality.

Explore black history and culture. (n.d.). PBS Black Culture Connection. Retrieved June 23, 2020, from http://www.pbs.org/black-culture/explore
—–Rotating collection of films, articles and digital resources on black history and culture.

Tears of America: The riots of 1968 – U. S. National Archives. (n.d.). Google Arts & Culture. Retrieved June 23, 2020, from https://artsandculture.google.com/exhibit/tears-of-america-the-riots-of-1968/AQKiS4WGYdtMJg
—-This exhibit focuses on six major cities which were rocked by civil unrest following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in 1968. The photos were taken by HUD a year after the riots to document the destruction left behind.