Easter Meditation 6/6: On the Holy Spirit’s Fire

Listen to the reflection here: http://www.stjohnsnewhaven.org/resources/ By Kaylie P. Hello, St. John’s family. In this meditation, I want to think about the image of the Holy Spirit as fire. This is something I’ve been dwelling on for the past few years, and I’ve gotten to see several different sides of this image that I’m excitedContinue reading “Easter Meditation 6/6: On the Holy Spirit’s Fire”

Easter Meditation 6/2: Moses and Pentecost

Listen to the reflection here: http://www.stjohnsnewhaven.org/resources/ By Mike G.  I knew it was going to be a busy week when Bill’s email arrived in my inbox asking me to do a St. John’s podcast. He recommended I use one of the lectionary readings as a jumping off point. I immediately gravitated to Acts 2 andContinue reading “Easter Meditation 6/2: Moses and Pentecost”

Sermon reflection: Ellendale H.’s sermon on Pentecost

By Jennifer B. I was reflecting on Ellendale’s sermon on Pentecost Sunday when she spoke about how much the Holy Spirit means to her. That really resonated with me, especially after such a difficult week, when it feels like the world is burning, figuratively and literally. She said He is often referred to as theContinue reading “Sermon reflection: Ellendale H.’s sermon on Pentecost”

Sermon Reflection: David B.’s sermon on the Ascension

By Betsy P. “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan When I listened to this week’s sermon on Ascension Sunday, I was getting serious Peter Pan vibes. David’s homily on the Ascension was solid. It stands alone as a beacon of light for us to see more clearly what Christ’sContinue reading “Sermon Reflection: David B.’s sermon on the Ascension”

Easter Meditation 5/21: A Beloved Water Pot

Hello, this is Michele Sigg. I have been a member of St. John’s for many years and I am currently on the vestry.               There is a tall ceramic vase that sits on a bookshelf in my office. (I have included a photo in my transcript.) It is actually a water pot—one of many thatContinue reading “Easter Meditation 5/21: A Beloved Water Pot”

Easter Meditation 5/19: The Great Physician

Yichuan Wang’s Meditation: Journeying on the Road to Emmaus, toward the Great Commission, with our Great Physician Hello St. John’s family, thank you for this privilege of bringing God’s word to you. Let us pray: Lord, may You bless our time together here, according to Your Will and where You find our hearts to be.Continue reading “Easter Meditation 5/19: The Great Physician”