Uniting: 8:46 Prayer challenge

–Michele S.: Dear praying friends at St John’s, I pass on this opportunity for prayer from our Christian family at Elm City Vineyard:

Reply-To: josh@elmcityvineyard.org

Where will be 50 days later? 50 days after the killing of George Floyd. It’s easy to have a moment, and it’s harder to sustain a movement. As I pray for our church community, I am convicted that ECV is called to provide a spiritual backbone for sustained movements of justice that we influence to be more and more Spirit-led and Kingdom-minded. One main way we do that is prayer.
Our new daily prayer effort begins this morning as we transition from almost three months of praying against the spread of COVID-19 three times a day. Now, we turn to a different pandemic: structural racism and police violence. This prayer effort is called 8:46, and it will take place twice a day at 8:46am and at 8:46pm. (Like the 15, we’ll be praying for around 15-20 minutes). We selected these numbers because they represent the eight minutes and forty-six seconds that George Floyd had a knee on his neck, suffocating him. At ECV, we want to pray in the opposite spirit, praying for the Breath of Life to impact all communities as we seek God’s peace and God’s justice knowing that those realities are more powerful and often different than we imagine. 
In the mornings, we will intercede specifically around main players in New Haven when it comes to community activism, policing, and emerging people of peace in a time of division, conflict, and looming violence. Our hope is to move people’s hearts to Jesus, individually and corporately, and to see a community flourishing as a result of the Spirit’s activity in lives, families, neighborhoods, organizations, and beyond. It’s much like our church vision. In the evening, we will pray into one particular topic that will change each day as we make our way to our 50 days later point in mid-July.
Peace, Josh

—-Another opportunity, passed on from Jennifer B.:
“Oprah Winfrey presents conversations with Black thought leaders to answer imperative questions and give tangible action plans to address systematic racism in a two-part special starting June 9.”

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