Easter Meditation 5/19: The Great Physician

Yichuan Wang’s Meditation: Journeying on the Road to Emmaus, toward the Great Commission, with our Great Physician

Hello St. John’s family, thank you for this privilege of bringing God’s word to you. Let us pray: Lord, may You bless our time together here, according to Your Will and where You find our hearts to be. Amen.

As human wisdom gets stress tested by COVID, I’m more convinced than ever that there is no hope for mankind outside of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and His redemptive work in the past, present, and future. This pandemic has brought down all the Towers of Babel in humanism and science. And we can thank God for that.

While the refugee crisis had brought the Great Commission to our backyards, COVID has brought medical missions to our spheres of daily living and working:

I’d like to share the following reflection from a surgeon friend:

“I’m a General Surgery resident in upstate New York now. Amongst my younger colleagues, there has been a greater awareness of their own mortality and I am grateful for this. Truly, we are mortal and can die at any moment. I would not want them to forget this after things ‘get back to normal’ and I would want this awareness to spur in them a desire to know the living God. In a way, I think the quarantine has driven us to the ultimate end of what many have held so dear – our privacy and selfishness. Now that we are deprived of in person social interaction, I think we are realizing its importance in our lives. I think once this moment becomes history, we should remember to turn off the TV, close the laptop lid, put down the phone, and to dare to be within 6 ft of our neighbors, friends and family. Let’s take off the masks we cling to so dearly and be willing to be vulnerable before them.”

Let us journey with others, as Christ walked with us even while we were far off, reached out to us when our hearts wavered and wandered, touched us when we felt cold, weary, & distracted. Let us be the Church – His Church – in ushering in His manifest presence, to ourselves and others, through His Holy Spirit, whom He had gifted us, by His infinite wisdom and glory

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