Weekly Prayer Restarting

This post is part of the series “New Church” in which the St. John’s community reflects on how to “do church” in this time of pandemic.

–By Tristan M.

I found our times of community prayer during this Lenten season to be very special. I think many members of the St. John’s family can relate to this feeling. Whether it was our Tuesday night Zoom calls or our Holy Week prayer chain, I was left feeling connected, encouraged, and inspired. I was deeply thankful for these precious moments of worshiping God and petitioning together.

During one of my time slots in our Holy Week prayer chain, I noticed God stirring something somewhat fresh in me. I had been praying for the specific needs of my family and our community (which are very worth spending time praying for). As I sought God’s heart, asking him for direction in what to pray for next, my perspective started to expand. I began thinking about the world, and the story God is writing in it right now. These are dark and crazy times but perhaps these are also opportune times. Maybe God wants to work through this season of global disruption. Maybe he wants to use all of this to bring a global breakthrough. Maybe he has big plans of redemption for this big season of crisis.

As I pondered these things, I began praying. I began weeping, in fact, and crying out for God to pour out his Spirit on the earth. I started yearning for multitudes to come to know Jesus.  I prayed for God to move powerfully in a season when, more than I have ever seen in my lifetime, the world is desperate.

During this precious moment with the Lord, and many similar moments which followed, I have found myself yearning to pray in community. I want to petition for God to unleash large scale spiritual awakening on the earth. I’m talking revivals. I’m talking large numbers of people getting saved. I’m talking a major global expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven. There have been countless revivals throughout history and all over the world. Why not now?

Congruently, I’ve started to notice much of the global Church answer this call to prayer. This gives me greater confidence that my inclination is not of my own invention. The body of Christ is uniting around the globe to petition for such an outpouring. I want to join them. But I don’t want to join them alone…

So I’ve decided to start a weekly prayer meeting. It will consist of: worshiping through song, praying together for global spiritual breakthrough, praying for any other concerns in the world/our community, and praying for each other. Basically, there will be freedom to pray about anything. However, I strongly sense a call from God to pray specifically for large scale revival. So, naturally, that will be an emphasis.

We will meet via Zoom on Tuesday nights at 7pm (same time as Lenten prayer). Our first meeting will be April 28th, Lord willing. The group is not St. John’s exclusive. All are welcome. If you’re interested in joining, email me (myfirstname.mylastname@gmail.com) or at stjnewhaven.blog@gmail.com.
Let’s seek God together.

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