Music, anyone?

From Anne C.

Congregational music is one of the most significant things I am missing during this time of isolation, besides sharing the Eucharist. Singing hymns along with a host of other voices has always been am important part of my worship, and Easter has such a wealth of joyful songs of life. In an effort to scratch this itch, I have created a YouTube playlist of my favorite hymns and other songs for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.

I hope being able to listen to and sing along with these songs will bring you comfort, as they do for me.Below is the list of songs, including the hymn numbers from the 1982 Episcopal Hymnal.

140         Wilt thou forgive

143        The glory of these forty days

150        Forty days and forty nights

154        All glory, laud, and honor

156         Ride on! ride on! in majesty!

158         Ah, holy Jesus

166         Sing, my tough, the glorious battle

168         O sacred head, sore wounded

172         Were you there

175        Hail thee, festival day

179        Welcome, happy morning

180         He is risen

192         This joyful Eastertide

204         Now the green blade rises

205         Good Christians all, rejoice and sing

206         O sons and daughters

207         Jesus Christ is risen today

208        The strife is o’er

544         Jesus shall reign

                Love’s redeeming work is done

                In Christ alone

                It was finished


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