Give and Receive

Need something? Ask. Have something to share? Offer. Have an idea of how to serve our neighbors? Propose.

How does this work? 1) If you have a need and want to “crowd source” it to the St. John’s family, leave a comment (at the end of the text) explaining your need. As people come onto the blog and see the request, hopefully someone will be able to help. They can then respond directly using the “Leave a comment” function. 2) If you can fill someone’s need, respond with another “comment”. Then contact them directly using their information from the St. John’s directory (or email the moderator using the form on the Contact page). DO NOT exchange your contact information using the “Leave a comment” function. 3) If you have something to give away (eg extra Purell???), advertise it using the “Leave a comment” function. People will respond when they are interested. Then contact each other outside the blog context using the directory.

If you do not have a St. John’s directory, email the church.

4 thoughts on “Give and Receive


    Connecticut Mental Health Center is organizing sewing volunteers to make masks for the people we serve, all of whom are poor and have serious mental health and/or substance use problems. We want to make sure they are protected.

    We have already made over 1000 and are embarking on another 1000. CMHC annually serves about 4000 people.

    We will provide the pattern, an instructional video and all the materials. We just need people who can sew. If you know of anyone who would like to get involved in this project, please have them contact me.

    Thanks and peace,


    Kyle Pedersen, Director
    Connecticut Mental Health Center Foundation
    34 Park Street, Suite 144
    New Haven, CT 06519

  2. CLOTH MASKS: Does anyone need a cloth mask? Fatima has sewn 50 cloth masks (“pocket masks” that take a filter) “for her friends at the church”. There are still some left. Who needs one?

  3. We recently came into 10lbs of all-purpose flour from Barton Springs Mill [ ], in Austin, Texas. We can vouch for its quality, though it takes at least a week to arrive. But more importantly, we’d be overjoyed to share what we have!

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